"Doing old things in a new way"




The first step towards innovation is analyzing one's starting point. Unindustria supports the company in the check-up phase with free corporate inspections; it then develops a diagnosis,, utilizzando strumenti di analisi e rilevazioni oggettive e riconosciute da massimi esperti.


The operational phase is the concrete application of solutions based on the above diagnosis. Unindustria:
  • identifies the best sources of funding, encouraging suitable partnerships on the basis of the objectives to be pursued;
  • offers a matching service between innovation demand and supply, by involving other entrepreneurial entities, institutions and research institutes;
  • supports companies in process digitalization and human/machine interconnection, develops user friendly websites, e-commerce platforms, easy to use mobile apps, deals with integration between different software and communication between machines and software to improve production flows and optimize resources.


Unindustria support companies with advanced projects using the new augmented reality technologies for realtà aumentata, and maintenance in the Industry 4.0 field with unparalleled quality, level of interaction and soundness. Unindustria provides document protection and certification, exploiting blockchain opportunities,which turn expensive, slow, and complex processes, such as the registration of trademarks, patents and projects, into simple, immediate and cost-effective processes through a distributed register based on cryptography, which cannot be falsified.