18 February 2019

At the start the training on privacy. Registration open until March 1st

As known, the new privacy rules provide for the mandatory one-time training for owners and / or delegated subjects and appointed to process […]
14 February 2019

Take part in Cibus Connect 2019

Cibus Connect is a b2b event dedicated to the best of Food Made in Italy for companies in the agri-food sector and for domestic and foreign buyers. […]
31 January 2019

Connext - 7-8 February 2019 - We connect the excellence of the territory to the future.

Confindustria Benevento together with Unindustria Servizi will take part in this great event scheduled for 7 and 8 February 2019 at the MiCo […]

Unindustria Servizi Benevento

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Unindustria Servizi Benevento

Unity is our strength.
The network is your chance.
Unindustria. Il meglio di Confindustria al tuo servizio.


A Services Network

Consulting, Innovation, Training, Events and enhancement of the territory represent the core business of a firm that makes listening to customer needs, the experience and dynamism of its partners its strong point.

Our value added

The value added that an organization like Confindustria is able to offer, in its many initiatives, finds its own commercial dimension to the advantage mainly of the associated firms.